Walk and Text ( Type n Walk ) 3.0


*Now with Full SMS (Inbox/Outbox) Thread support and SMS notifications for received SMS*

Walk and Text - see what is going on in front of you on the road while walking and typing or down stairs. Runs on All Android devices 1.5 and above, even G1

Write text message and share it with any social network or email client on the device. Press menu for advanced features. Type and Walk without fear!

If you have a problem downloading: Go to Settings->Applications->Manage Applications->Market->Clear data/cache.
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If your payment fails log in to checkout.google.com.

✔ Full Touch Screen QWERTY keyboard along with any other input keyboards installed on your device are supported!
✔ SMS Threads full support, iPhone like bubble view!
✔ Voice2Text - Talk while walking!
✔ Camera preview is displayed while you walk and text. Click send and share the text with any client installed on your device (Email, SMS Text Message, WhatsApp, Bluetooth, Facebook, Twitter Twidroid, Twigee, Gmail etc.)
✔ Works in Portrait (2.2 and above) or Landscape (all devices). In portrait mode you can use any Language or Keyboard of choice - Swype, Swift etc.
In Landscape Mode you can choose between the transparent keyboard or any keyboard of your choice (tested Input Keyboards - Standard Android, Swift, HTC, Xperia X10. Swype will only work in Portrait)
✔ Text Message can be send and added directly from within the app.
✔ Change the background and color of the text you type
✔ Change the color of the soft keyboard
✔ Stop the camera while writing.
✔ Users with physical keyboard, as well as all other users can hide the keyboard.
✔ Hide the icons for better view
✔ Full Screen mode, toggle the status bar.
✔ Walking at night or at dark? No problem, just click on the flash icon and the LED Flash of your device will light up the way.
✔ Text Message character count. The app will count your characters and display to you how many text messages will be send, feature missing on the stock Android SMS app. Also useful for Twitter messages.

The app is in constant development, please email us your suggestions instead of leaving a bad comment. If you report a Freeze or FC please email us also and explain what happened, the reports are inconclusive.

Ideal for Milestone, Droid 2/Pro, Galaxy Pro, G2/Vision, Epic, Sidekick, Chacha, Charm and any other Android Smartphone with or without physical keyboard

Pleas read carefully before posting a comment on the Market:
✔ Portrait mode is still Beta, but should work on all 2.2. and above devices and you can use any keyboard of choice (Swift, Swype etc.) If you wish those keyboards to be transparent, please contact the Developers of those apps, we have no control over other Keyboards used as Input Method in our Application!
✔ The Flashlight is not guaranteed to work with all Android devices.

Disclaimer: The app is provided "as is" and we can not be held responsible for any damage caused when or by using this app. Safety first, never use "Walk and Text" while driving!
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